We desire that everyone in Washington have the possibility of a excellent wedding video. Since this is the case, we are lenient when it comes to travel fees. If your wedding/event location is 75 miles or less from the Seattle area, we will gladly travel for free to that location. For eastside weddings, our coverage area is 75 miles or less from our base in Issaquah, WA (98027).

If the wedding/event location is over 75 miles away, we charge a fee of $150 per night granted we can find a hotel within 10 minutes of the wedding location that is within the $150 price range. In the event that no close hotels (within 10 minutes of the wedding location) can be found within that price range, we will contact the family and ask that they make arrangements for us and we will refund the $150 charge (if this fee has already been paid).


All Destination Wedding and Event travel fees are handled on a per case basis and all fees are communicated with the contracting party before making arrangements in the destination city. When making arrangements for any necessary items we also try to conserve where we can in order to save the family as much money as possible.

Any wedding/event located out of the state of Washington will be charged under our destination travel policy. All fees for rooms, flights, car rentals, etc must be reimbursed to Semblance Productions at the time of booking these arrangements. In addition to all travel fees being paid we also charge a $150 fee for each day we are required to be in the destination city, which will be used to cover meals and any other fees that may be incurred during the travel period.

Fees Typical for Destination weddings/events include:

Hotel Arrangements

Flight and/or Gas Mileage if location is within an acceptable driving distance

Car Rental (Because of the amount of gear we use it is impossible to make acceptable arrangements using Taxi or shuttle services so we must have access to a vehicle at all times.)

Camera/Gear Shipment and Insurance (All of our production equipment does not typically fit within current luggage restrictions if we are required to fly so we must ship the equipment to the destination location.)

**All Travel Charges must be prepaid at time of booking arrangements and are non refundable**

All of our wedding packages include a complimentary consultation for planning. If we are unable to meet in person we can either schedule a telephone consultation or “meet” via webcam using Skype. Our Skype name is Semprod1